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Six Secrets to Joint Regeneration

Receive the free eGuide “Six Secrets to Joint Regeneration” along with a 4-part email series from Dr. Romero. It covers the vital information that Dr. Romero typically reviews with her patients, and you can get in on it for free. You will learn about the ways to naturally optimize healing, prepare your body for regenerative medicine treatments, and gain a better understanding of Dr. Romero’s healthcare philosophy.


The Scoop on Stem Cells 2020 Update

In this two-part email series, Dr. Romero covers the details on stem cell therapies and other biologic products with regard to orthopedic conditions, anti-aging, and aesthetics. Get the correct information on what a stem cell is, what is NOT considered stem cells, and if cell therapies are right for you. Become an informed consumer before getting started with regenerative medicine.


Upcoming Courses with Dr. Romero

Basic Health Foundations

This course will help you achieve optimal health and quality of life with a natural approach to healthcare and everyday living. Learn about how to create healthy foundations for your body to heal and thrive.

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Regenerative Medicine Prep Course

Learn about how to maximize your healing and prepare your body for regenerative medicine. This course will set you up for success before starting treatments, such as regenerative joint injections, Orthobiologics, and cell therapies.

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Hormone Optimization for Men and Women

Learn about balancing and enhancing your hormones with natural methods to improve anti-aging and feel your best.

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The Inflammation Fighter

Learn about the “ins and outs” of managing inflammation with natural techniques and correct the underlying causes to overcome disease.

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Comprehensive Care Programs

The all-inclusive experience you are looking for in your healthcare. Dr. Romero has created comprehensive programs that are focused on patient-centered care with a holistic approach. Each program incorporates the principles of Regenerative Medicine to provide the most positive results and best patient outcomes. Achieving your optimal state of health is within reach.

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